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Cheque Discounting

We facilitate the Cheque Discounting service which offers immediate liquidity access, by discounting the cheques and credits it into your account at the same time. Get cash now against cheques issued by reputable companies at competitive commission rates. We also discount post-dated cheques for selected companies.

We're іn Buѕіnеѕѕ to Hеlр Yоu

This ensure continuous flow of your business working capital which would otherwise be affected awaiting the cheque to complete the clearing cycle.

Qualifying criteria
  • Cheque being discounted.
  • Copy of the ID Card.
  • Where available, copy of an acknowledged invoice or payment voucher, to support the payment.
  • Copy of company certificate of incorporation/ Business Registration certificate.
  • PIN certificate of the Company/ Business
  • Six months certified bank statements for the company/ business